Azure Serverless Functions and Logic Apps

Learn about the new Serverless model for Cloud Apps, using Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Event Grid.


What you’ll learn

  • What does Serverless mean?.
  • Which features of the Azure platform are Serverless?.
  • Triggers, input bindings and output bindings.
  • Confidence to try creating your own Azure functions and logic apps.

Course Content

  • Azure Serverless.
  • Functions.
  • Logic Apps.
  • Serverless Storage and Data.
  • Azure Features that Support Serverless.
  • Conclusion.

Azure Serverless Functions and Logic Apps


  • A free or paid subscription to Microsoft Azure.
  • Excitement to learn Microsoft’s constantly growing cloud platform.


You’ve been working on this app for months. You finally publish it live, and you start letting people know about it. Then you have a new set of problems – checking the CPU usage, worrying about performance, almost hoping that it doesn’t get too popular too fast. Do you have to spin up more servers in advance in case there is a spike in demand?

Azure Serverless apps promises to take the stress and worry about application scaling off your hands. If you code your application using logic apps, functions, messages, and events, Azure will add more server power when your application needs it, and will take care of scaling back down when you don’t. And you only pay for what you use. No hourly compute charges when a server is running but not doing much.

In this course, we’ll look at all of the components of an Azure Serverless app.

  • Functions
  • Logic Apps
  • Event Grid
  • CosmosDB
  • Azure Storage
  • Messaging and Queuing

Beyond the overview, we’ll also look at the Azure Portal and see live walkthroughs of creating Serverless apps. Then you’ll have a chance to do it yourself using Assignments.

To be sure, Azure Serverless apps aren’t perfect or for every situation. Virtual Machines aren’t going away. But there are some great uses for these small functions that have specific tasks to perform, and in this course we’ll look at how to add Serverless apps to your toolbox.


Who this course is for:
  • Senior technical people with exposure to Azure
  • Those interested in the Azure Serverless features
  • Business or technical people who want to see Serverless in action
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