Technical Analysis Using Elliott Wave Theory

Learn advanced technical analysis for financial trading in stock market, commodities and forex – futures & options

What some of the students say about this course

What you’ll learn

  • Identify various technical analysis patterns associated with elliott wave theory.
  • Identify important turning points in the financial markets using advanced technical analysis.
  • Identify ready made trade setups for all time frames and asset classes.

Course Content

  • Motivation & Introduction to Wave Theory.
  • Motive Waves.
  • Corrective Waves.
  • Elliott Wave Rules & Guidelines.

Technical Analysis Using Elliott Wave Theory


  • Students only need to be aware of basic terms related to financial markets like stocks, stock index, commodities etc..
  • Some knowledge of technical analysis may be good though not necessary.
  • No specific software requirement, all you need is a decent internet connection to stream videos.

What some of the students say about this course

“Amazing. He does not say one single thing without explaining himself. It’s like listening to Mozart: his thought process is so well organized that if you were to play these lessons to a baby still in the womb, it would literally be born with a higher IQ.”

“I am not new to Elliot Wave Theory and I think this course is Excellent. The subject is complex and if you are interested in learning EWT this will provide you with a great “practical” starting point.”

Latest News: Indian Insight Founder & Instructor of this course, Yash Utmani was ranked 8th in Position Trading & 12th in Day Trading in Equities Segment in the last concluded edition of Pro Advisory Championship Competition, India 2016.

What is this course about?

This is a technical analysis course based on an advanced concept in technical analysis, popularly known as Elliott Wave Theory. Elliott wave theory was discovered in 1930s by Ralph Nelson Elliott and has survived the test of time over decades. This is a complex tool in technical analysis, which can be difficult to understand initially, but once you start applying it you would be amazed with the insights offered by this theory. The various examples shared with you as part of this course will convince you on this and power of technical analysis in general.

Why should you take this course?

This course will help you understand this advanced concept from technical analysis so that you can start applying it for short term trading or long term investing purposes. Throughout the course we share many examples from real life trading (many of them taken from our technical analysis research desk over last couple of years). These examples will demonstrate to you the practical applicability of all the concepts you are taught in the course.

As part of this course you will also learn the various technical analysis patterns associated with elliott wave theory. Some of these technical analysis patterns are complete trading systems in themselves that you can use instantly to trade profitably. Students who have some knowledge of classical technical analysis can also combine their knowledge with what they will learn in this course and can improve the accuracy of their trades substantially.

How is this course structured?

This course is structured into 4 sections:

1. Introduction to wave theory: Where we introduce you to elliott wave theory

2. Motive Waves: Where we explain the various patterns that represent trending markets

3. Corrective Waves: Where we explain the various patterns associated with corrections

4. Elliott Wave Rules & Guidelines: Where we explain the various rules & guidelines associated with elliott waves which help you in correctly identify various patterns & set price targets.

Technical Analysis is often said to be useful only for short term trading. Nothing can be further from the truth. Advanced Technical Analysis concepts like elliott wave theory can be as effective for long term investing as it is for short term trading. The applicability of this advanced technical analysis tool across markets makes it one must have tool for all serious practitioners of technical analysis.

If you have some knowledge of technical analysis, this course will take your knowledge to a new level. If you are new to technical analysis then I believe this is best place to start your journey into technical analysis because you would have an open mind to advanced technical analysis concepts covered in this course that might be a bit hard to believe for more experienced technical analysis users. But don’t worry the examples in this course will leave no doubt as to the effectiveness of this advanced technical analysis concept.

I have personally benefited immensely from learning this advanced technical analysis concept, and I believe not using technical analysis in your investing journey will only make it harder for you to succeed. So if you want to learn this advanced technical analysis concept enroll now!

Who this course is for:
  • Suitable for any one looking to trade financial markets using technical analysis
  • Specially useful for individuals seeking to perform technical analysis for long term investing
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