Oppo operates on a new folding phone

Many smart phone companies have recently acquired patents for the manufacture of new folding smart phones, notably Samsung and Apple, the leading companies in the smart phone industry, and Oppo , LG and Huawei want to catch up with this, All of them have different patents for folding phones, but we have not seen the only real application of this technology yet only in the FlexPai phoneOf the emerging Chinese company Rouyu.
Which came with a screen with a foldable folding cells make the phone foldable so that it comes first with the shape of the tablets, and can be folded from the left until it looks like ordinary smart phones to become its front screen, and the rear as other screen, but The phone has not yet reached the market so that we can fully assess it, and recently after the appearance of images of the designs of the Samsung phones and folding folds, a picture of the new foldable Oppo phone has also emerged, illustrating many similarities between it and Samsung’s phone, let’s talk about it in detail.
It seems that Samsung has not only come close to getting a folding phone and announcing it early next year. Obo has also been able to obtain one of the images shown on Mobielkopen’s phones, which showed us the new phone the same way and the way it came Samsung’s folding phone, which appeared at its annual SDC 2018 Developers Conference, follows the leaked images of the next Opo folding phone.
As shown in this picture, the phone looks much like Samsung phone, and here are the pictures of Samsung phone announced recently at the conference.
Here we see the similarity between the two phones in the same design idea of ​​the big phone that comes in the form of the tablets, and then is folded from left to right so that the front interface is a screen, and the front of the screen is also a screen, that is to be in the case of spacing, Then turns into a normal smart phone when you fold it.
It seems that many companies recently went to this concept in the design, unlike previous rumors and leaks that were showing the phone of Oppo in a different concept of design, last year we saw leaks of this phone was pointing to the possibility of folding from top to bottom instead From right to left, which brings to mind the idea that the company has not yet settled into the design concept that the phone will bring, it is possible to see another experience for other concepts to design the phone in the future, and we do not yet know what the company will choose in the end.
Huawei has also adopted this design concept in its upcoming folding phone next year. The following is a picture of this design, which shows the phone as a tablet when it is stretched, and in the form and size of a normal smartphone in the case of a fold.
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