Law of Attraction Bootcamp

Set Your Magnet Right Attract anything you want in your Life

Have you ever Wondered how some People Manage to be so Successful?

What you’ll learn

  • Manifest the Life of your Dreams.
  • Get Rid of any Negative Thoughts & Emotions.
  • Develop an Attitude of Gratitude.
  • Align your Conscious and Sub-Conscious Mind.
  • Write Abundance Cheques to Speed up Money Attraction Several Folds.

Course Content

  • What is Law of Attraction?.
  • Day 1: Understanding the Law of Attraction.
  • Day 2: The Manifestation Process.
  • Day 3: The Law of attraction is always in action.
  • Day 4: Physical and Mental Clearing.
  • Day 5: Emotional Guidance System.
  • Day 6: Brain Waves, Thought Process & Thought Energy.
  • Day 7: Healing Self and Others.
  • Day 8: Attracting the Perfect Relationships – Spouse, Friends, Colleagues etc..
  • Day 9: Attracting your dreams, desires, passions and goals.
  • Day 10: Money and the Law of Attraction.
  • Q&A.

Law of Attraction Bootcamp


  • An Open Mind.
  • Desire to improve your Life.
  • Willingness to Implement & Try the Simple yet Effective Exercises.

Have you ever Wondered how some People Manage to be so Successful?

Why they always get what they want? Why they have so many friends, why they are attracting so much love and abundance. Well, after this course, you too will join their League.

What is Law of attraction?

Law of attraction is based on 3 Principles:

  1. Thoughts become things
  2. What you put your attention on grows stronger in life.
  3. Like attracts Like.

In short, whatever you have in your mind becomes your reality.

It doesn’t matter whether you think positive or negative. Whatever you think you attract in your life. It all sounds very easy. Isn’t it? So why is it that we don’t get what we want in life, so easily? That is because of our hidden mental blockages. We are conditioned to think about what we don’t want instead of what we want.

Even when our conscious mind is thinking of what we want, our sub- conscious mind is busy thinking of the opposite or thinking that it’s not possible. That is why in this law of attraction online boot camp, I will walk you through several powerful exercises which will train your sub-conscious mind to concentrate on what you really want. You will learn to align your conscious and sub-conscious mind to think what you want so that you can attract what you want effectively.

  • In this course you will get in-depth knowledge of law of attraction, you will understand how your thoughts can trigger your attraction process. You will understand money as energy and how to attract it in our life.
  • We will also write Abundance Cheque which will speed up your Money attraction Several folds.
  • Visualization is one of the key ingredients in law of attraction. In this course we will learn to visualize effectively.
  • You will also learn to use your inbuilt emotional guidance system to guide you in achieving your goals and passions.

You will learn

  • to use your alpha brain waves to attract whatever you want effectively.
  • to develop an attitude of gratitude to bring abundance in your life.
  • the importance of Forgiveness in relation with Law of Attraction and why it is important to forgive, to speed up your attraction process.

Now after learning how to attract, we will learn on what to attract, we will find our real passions using a powerful exercise.

We will learn to create our Personal Passion cards and Vision Boards in order to speed up our attraction Process.

If you want to experience all this and more, I highly recommend that you Click on ‘Take This Course‘ and get Ready for the 10-Day Life Transforming Session.

Wish you a Happy & Fulfilling Life Ahead.



Who this course is for:
  • People going through a Tough time in their lives
  • Those who feel they are unlucky
  • Those who think they deserve more than they have now
  • or Simply for anyone looking for ‘Transforming their Lives’
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