How your Amazon Echo will become a security camera and a smoke detector

This free feature will turn all Amazon Echo connected speakers into security devices. The update arrives in the United States, and soon in France.

There are dozens of security solutions for your apartment or your home: security cameras, alarm systems. But here is a newcomer to this connected home market: Amazon with its Echo products associated with the Alexa assistant. Since Wednesday, May 15, 2019, US users of Echo products enjoy free update with the Alexa Guard feature.

What is Amazon Guard?

Alexa will listen to the warning signs in your home during your absence. The sound of a broken window (caused by a burglar) or a smoke detector will trigger Alexa to send smart alerts to your smartphone. If your Echo has an integrated camera, like the Echo Show 2 that we tested recently, you will also receive a direct video stream into your home.

In addition to listening, Alexa Guard can also mimic your daily use of bright light, turning on and off the lights to make you feel at home. Amazon mentions that Alex Guard is not supposed to replace an alarm system. However, these new capabilities give Echo speakers an added advantage over what Google Home and Apple HomePod can offer as features.

How does Amazon Guard work?

Once the application update is deployed to your smartphone and enclosure, you can enable the feature by opening the Alexa app. Once you’re there, go to Settings, tap “Guard,” then follow the setup process. Remember that you have to say ” Alexa, I’m leaving ” every time you want to activate the Guard mode.