How to use your turn signal?

Driving carefully means always paying attention to those who are using the road with you and letting them know in advance of any maneuvers you intend to make. Any change of direction on a road must be signaled by the flashing lights, not to put them is a violation of the Highway Code. The flashing light (or change of direction indicator) is finally used to communicate with other users. This is how accidents are avoided.

Locate where the turn signal switch is located on the steering wheel
It is a small arm located on the left side of the steering wheel. Even if it is equipped with other functions, it is mainly used to indicate a change of direction on your part. To turn left, you have to lower it, to go right, you raise it.
Use your turn signal to turn left
To indicate that you are going to turn left, you must activate your turn signal approximately 30 meters from where you are going to turn. This distance is minimal, putting it before is better. If this is the case, check that you are on the right lane for turning left, then put your turn signal by lowering the lever with your left hand. Once the indicator is on, you will see a flashing arrow (to the left) light up on the dashboard. You will also hear a synchronous clicking with the arrow: your flashing light works perfectly well! Put your left hand back on the steering wheel.

  • During the maneuver, the right hand did not leave the steering wheel, only the left hand operated.
  • The turn signal must be on before you even brake to warn other users that you will soon slow down and turn.

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Use your turn signal to turn right

 To indicate that you are going to turn right, you must activate your turn signal about 30 meters (it is a minimum) from where you are going to turn. Check that you are driving on the right-most lane, then put your turn signal by raising the control. You have noticed that the maneuver to turn right is little different from that to turn left.

After turning, make sure the flashing light stops

On today’s cars, the flashing light stops on its own and the lever returns to the neutral position. However, if the turn is not very pronounced, if it is a slight change in direction, it is possible that the turn signal does not stop by itself.

  • As soon as you realize that you still have the indicator, using your left hand, return the control arm to its initial position.
  • In some countries, having the flashing light that works without reason can be considered as an offense and be penalized, besides that confuses other drivers.