How to use iTunes on a Mac?

iTunes is Apple’s media player. It is a powerful tool with many features. Follow our guide to discover them and learn how to exploit them.

Note that this guide is based on version of iTunes on Mac. 

Install iTunes

If you have a Mac, you probably have iTunes preinstalled. You can check by going to Applications, or searching with Spotlight.

Once found, we advise you to drag and drop it into your Dock, to access it faster.

However, if you use Windows, go to the iTunes download page, and install it.

Update iTunes

To perform an update of iTunes, go to the App Store and click the icon Updates (top left of the window).

If you can not find one dedicated to iTunes, just do a search.

Add music and videos to your iTunes library 

Open iTunes, and then accept that the app is looking for a song, video to play in your computer. This will have the advantage of speeding up the creation of a music library.

To add a song or music:

  • Go to File, then Add to Library … (or press the Cmd and keys simultaneously .
  • Make your choice and click Open.


If you buy music from the iTunes Store (iTunes →  Store, top right), they will automatically add to your library.

If you have purchased them from another device, simply re-download them, no redemption will be necessary.

To see what you just added:

  • Choose your category Music or Movie, by clicking in the drop-down menu under the Play icon.
  • Click Recent Additions in the menu on the left.


Customize your iTunes library

You can rearrange songs in your iTunes library as you see fit.

To rename a song, click on it, then after a moment, once the title is highlighted in blue, you can enter a new name.

If you want to edit more data about a song, select your title, then press the Cmd and keys simultaneously.


In the pop-up window that opens, you will find all the information concerning the selected piece (name of the artist, the title of the album, …), most of them are under the tab Details. It is even possible to enter a comment.

Album cover

Want to add a cover to an album? Stay in the same pop-up window and click on the second tab named Illustration.

Then, either drag and drop an image saved on your computer, or click Add illustration(bottom left) and select your new cover.


Delete duplicates

With time, music accumulates in our iTunes library, and it is common that we are left with duplicates.

To help you sort and free up space, iTunes has a duplicate feature. Just follow the path: File→ Library → Show Duplicates, and then delete them.

Where is my iTunes library saved?

The location of your library varies depending on your version of iTunes and macOS.

Typically, it is located in Finder → Go → Start → Music → iTunes  Media  →   Music.


Otherwise, you can still perform a Spotlight search by typing Music, for example.

How to play a song or video on iTunes?

There is nothing more simple ! Go to your library and double-click on the song you want to listen to.

While it’s playing, right-click on another song and choose to Add as Next Song. Thus, the two tracks will be linked.


To have a wait time between the two songs, select Add to the waiting list.

If you have a version later than ours, you will have more options for reading.

Presentation options

In the menu on the left, the Artists, Albums, Songs, and Genres options are categories in which your songs are rearranged.

Click Albums, then press Cmd and J, a window called Presentation Options opens.
This gives you the choice between a List or Grid view. By default, your albums are sorted in alphabetical order of the artists’ name, then the title of the album.

On the other hand, if you click Pieces and the Cmd and J keys. The Presentation Options window will contain a lot more details. Each box corresponds to a piece of information to be attached to your song or video (its date of addition to your library, date of purchase on iTunes, or its episode number).


Also, if you want to change the order of your ranking, click on the small arrow (^).

Create iTunes playlists

Your library contains enough songs to create a playlist? So it’s time to get started, here are two ways to do it:

  1. Press simultaneously the keys Cmd and N. 
  2. Select Add to Playlist, then New Playlist.

Now, give your Playlist a name (in our “New Playlist” example). 
It will be located automatically at the bottom of the menu.


To add more songs, simply drag and drop, or right-click and select Add Playlist.

Smart playlists

Smart playlists are auto-generated by iTunes; they are easily recognizable by their gear icon.

iTunes can create it according to your rules, sort of preference criteria.
To do this, click File → New Smart Playlist (or use the shortcut Cmd, Alt, N). Finally, select your rules that iTunes must follow to create your new Smart Playlist.