How to use Google Maps to save your parking location

You are no more losing your car in substantial car parks! For a little over a year, Google Maps allows you to register your parking spot.

How does GPS work?

The three coordinates x, y, and z, as well as taking into account time, give us a position in space. “It takes four satellites with atomic clocks to get a position and a GPS receiver that will decode and calculate the signals received. The accuracy of the best atomic clocks is in billionths of a second so it would take 160 million years to lose a second of precision. “

GPS operation to find the position of our vehicle

So we use a system of “triangulation” to position an individual.

What can we do with it?

Through Google Maps, finding your car in a parking lot becomes rather dull. To do this, click on the blue dot that indicates our current location, to display the options. In these options, we can then register our parking spot. The choice is pushed a little further, and we can add photos and comments if the doubt persists.

To find your vehicle, it’s straightforward: just using a new Google Maps search, select the newly created place. Maps will then calculate our route to the parking spot through the connection and geolocation.

A disturbed option

This option can prove to be very useful, especially in large shopping centers, but it has certain limits. Indeed, the option must pass a powerful geolocation system: older smartphones will not be able to use this option.

Then, the second constraint lies in the use of this option: indeed, much outdoor parking is redeveloped and placed underground to gain space on the ground (rehabilitation of old car parks outside as housing). In the underground, the GPS signal can go wrong, poorly geolocated the person and therefore the parking space.

And finally, is there not a risk of being stolen our vehicle?