How to unlock your car from snow?

Getting stuck in the snow, whether your car went out of the way or snowed while it was parked, can be frustrating. However, while it may seem difficult to get it out of there, there are several things you can do to unlock it. By removing the snow around your car, helping it regain traction and driving safely, you are more likely to get out of this white coat.

Clear around your car
Use a shovel or similar tool to remove snow from around your car. The goal is to be able to see all the tires. Then use a screwdriver or similar tool to break the ice around the tires. Be careful not to puncture them.

  • If the snow is heavy or heavy, prioritize. Clear the wheels and driver’s door so you can get into the vehicle.
  • If there is crumbly (non-solid) ice, there is no need to remove it.

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Check the muffler before starting the engine

After digging up the car, check the condition of the muffler. Even if you have removed the snow around, make sure that the jar is not clogged and that it does not end up under the snow again. This is important since smoke can build up in the car if the exhaust is not clean.

Put something grainy around your tires

Pour a grainy substance in front, behind and on the sides of your tires. This will give them grip when you try to reverse or move forward. There are several things you can use:

  • salt, which will not only give grip to your tires, but will also melt the ice and snow underneath;
  • cat litter;
  • sand
  • you can also use a door mat, a piece of carpet or cardboard.

Place solid material in front of and behind the tires

If the grainy substances don’t work, look for other materials that could give your tires more grip. These can be pieces of plywood, corrugated sheets or similar objects. Place these objects in front of or behind your tires to be able to move forward or backward over them and get out of the snow.

  • If you have snow chains, you can try mounting them on your tires

Activate all-wheel drive if you have it

If your car has AWD, make sure it’s turned on before you try to move it. In reality, the more tires that run, there will be more grip and more it will be easy to get out of the snow.