How to transfer all your SMS to a new smartphone?

Have you changed your smartphone? If the migration of your contacts is easy and fast, the procedure can be more complicated for the transfer of your messages. The solution exists, however, and it will allow you to keep your most valuable discussions.

Have you just bought a new mobile phone and are you missing pictures of kittens you sent? Do not worry, the SMS Backup & Restore application is here to help you. First download the application on your two smartphones and launch on both. It will be necessary to accept to give the four necessary authorizations to the application. So that it can recover the messages and images they contain.

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On your first phone containing SMS:

From the main screen, select the menu at the top right and choose the ” Transfer ” option.

On the second phone that will receive SMS:

Same manipulation, from the main screen. Select the menu at the top right and choose ”  Transfer “. Select this time “Receive from this phone”. He will then wait for an invitation from the first phone.

Return to the first phone and choose your second mobile when it appears in the list.

And now, it’s over. However, the application does not stop there because it allows you to schedule backups of your SMS and MMS on your Google account. Convenient if you lose your phone or have been stolen.