How to start learning parkour?

I wanted to give you guys tips for those of you who have to train alone, how you can teach yourself safely and learn parkour. First off, I would recommend that you do try and find a group to train with friends. Try and get your friends to learn parkour with you or just have someone come watch you. It will be the safest option but sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. Sometimes, you can’t find a local community or you can’t get your friends into it. So, this advice pretty much applies to people who know they have to train by themselves but some of these tips will also just be beneficial for anyone who’s trying to learn parkour.

Tips to learn Parkour by Yourself

One of the number-one obstacles people run into trying to learn parkour by yourself is the self-conscious awareness of people watching you. When you’re going out in public or going to a place where other people are there, it can feel pretty uncomfortable. A little bit anxiety-inducing to do these weird, unpractical movements (well, not to us but to other people). So, how do you train parkour by yourself?

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Overcome Mental Fears

It just one of the mental obstacles you have to overcome just like the many other mental obstacles and learning parkour, like learning to overcome fear, learning to use your mind to control your body in the way you want it to control it. A lot of it is just becoming mindful and focused on yourself and on your own body. If you’re just only focused on yourself and what you’re doing it’s easier to just kind of tunnel vision everyone out. So, that all you’re thinking about is what you need to learn the obstacle you’re trying to overcome and ultimately it’s practicing not caring what people think about you which is a real-life skill.

Here a couple of locations I’d recommend you try checking out to train by yourself. where you won’t really have to worry about running into issues.

  • Park
  • Schools (off hours)
  • Playgrounds

Learn Online

Next is, watch some of the videos on how to start parkour or if you’re already know how to do parkour just the array of tutorials that are out there where you can learn the variety of things that are to learn. You can watch it, visualize it, visualize your own body doing it, while you’re watching the video and then take that information as you go out to practice.

Also, if possible, select some good shoes for parkour and wear them out while properly because they do help you a lot while practicing. One thing I found extremely useful in helping myself learn parkour is to actually film myself doing the moves and then watching the playback of the movie. Sometimes, I’ll feel like I’m doing a trick really good feels amazing and then I watch it back on video I’m like oh crap that looks like garbage but this is how I can improve it. Other times I’m doing a trick like a man this trick just feels like garbage but I’ll film it anyways.

Practice Parkour in a safe environment

After learning, it’s a matter of practicing it and practicing it safely because when you’re by yourself you don’t want to get injured especially if there’s no one going to be around to help you out. So you want to make sure you’re extra safe and primarily stick to things that you’re very comfortable with and can slowly progress up to because you have no one there watching you to give you tips or to watch them do the trick.