How to Solve the Sound problem in Freebox?

Are you a Free subscriber and you notice volume modulations when watching TV? The problem does not necessarily come from bad TV settings. Also, check the settings of your internet box.

Many Freebox users have encountered a fairly common problem on the Free TV box: the untimely and total cut of the sound. This sudden silence is not necessarily inevitable. You can perform some tests before declaring your Freebox good for a return.

Watch for updates from Free

It is possible that the problem appears as the updates, which the Freebox performs automatically after a reboot. Also, these problems can also disappear after applying the correct settings, both on the TV and on the receiving box.

In addition, changing the sound output settings to “Analog” – both on the Freebox Player and on TV – has had positive effects for many users. In this case, a simple restart after applying the settings is enough to remove the problem.

Image 2: Sound problem with my Freebox: the solutions

Restart your Freebox

In most cases, a simple restart of the Freebox’s TV box may be enough to fix the problem. But sometimes it may be necessary to go further. Complete disconnection of the two Freebox boxes, including any Freeplug (PLC) boxes, work for some affected users.

Finally, a hard reboot (which consists of disconnecting and reconnecting quickly, 5 times in a row, the two boxes to their factory settings) can again provide a solution.

In the event that none of these solutions is enough to make your voice free for your Freebox, your last hope is to turn to Free to request a replacement for your defective box. It will nevertheless be necessary to count on the delivery times.