How to share Photos with your Friends

Do your photos clutter the memory of your smartphone? Share them directly with your friends from your computer or smartphone. Here are six essential services to display your most beautiful shots!


Does this mobile app need a presentation? Famous celebrities and influencers, it offers an interface ultrasimple to rework the photos (we know the famous vintage filter ) and post them on a personal page accessible to subscribers. Exotic getaway, the new acquisition of decor, look of the day, brunch table. We choose (and we bite with care) what we want to show!




Very intuitive, this tool allows you to crop your photos, retouch, and remove red eyes directly online or on your computer. All you have to do is sort your pictures, put them in an album, add a title, create a book, or make a slide show. Sharing photos is smooth for all Google + users, but anyone can view your photos as long as you’ve invited them by email.



This is the preferred service for photo enthusiasts who want to store and share their photos. With Flickr, you will be able to upload and manage your photos online easily: you can save up to 1000 free images, and enter tags, titles, or descriptions for each model. Another essential advantage of Flickr: you have the opportunity to see what is currently the largest database of amateur photos on the web.



This service in French offers the same features as its competitors, both in retouching and sharing. Explanations guide you step by step throughout the upload, or to make a slide show with music or effects. Convivial, Joomeo allows you to share your photos with your friends, to whom you can assign a password to secure your photos.




500px allows you to host, share, and even sell your photos. You can create a wall or launch your portfolio blog for free. The true over 500px is the quality of the images presented by the community: real wonders. 

You can take the opportunity to display your best shots in beauty and share them with friends or with the world. With 500px, you can also follow your favorite photographers. If you like photography, this is the box you need.



Based in Quebec, the Amalgram service has been specifically designed to facilitate the sharing of photos taken during group events. Want to immortalize your last family bike ride, your best friend’s wedding or a convention abroad? Just create a private group and invite the participants. 

After choosing a password, all guests will be able to add their pictures, view those of others, and leave their comments. An account gives the possibility to deposit 150 photos for free, and a scanning service allows to provide a second life to photos preserved for a long time: enough to gather a lot of memories!