How to send and receive SMS with a Mac?

With the Message app on Mac, you can send and receive SMS and iMessage without even having to take your smartphone out of your pocket!

Before continuing, note that you must have an  Apple account to send SMS with your Mac.

How to send an SMS from your Mac to an iPhone

  1. From the Dock, click the Messages app icon, a blue bubble, and a white bubble.
    Or, press the cmd and spacebar keys at the same time, and then type Messages.
  2. Enter your Apple username and password associated with your iPhone.
  3. Select the New Message icon.
  4. Place your cursor in the To: field. Enter the phone number or email address of your correspondent. Note that the recipient’s email address must be the one he uses for his iMessage app.
  5. If you had synchronized your Contacts folder, then just click on the sign (circled in blue, top left) to add it to your Contacts list.
  6. If your correspondent has an iPhone, then his number will be framed in blue. The sent SMS will be received as an iMessage, via the Apple servers. Your recipient will see your email address instead of your phone number. Except if he has configured his contact list on his iPhone, in which case he will see your number.
  7. If your recipient can receive iMessage, then just type your message in the iMessage field and then send it by pressing Enter.

mac1 messages


Now that you have used the Messages app on your Mac – via your Apple account – you can receive iMessage, sent by your iPhone, on your Mac.

These messages will also be visible on your iPhone, so no loss of the thread.

How to send an SMS from a Mac to an Android?

If you enter the number of a correspondent who does not have an iPhone, in the To: field, his number will be framed in red. This indicates that your correspondent’s smartphone does not have the iMessage app.

If you try or send an SMS to this correspondent, then an alert message appears on your screen indicating that your SMS could not be sent.

This does not mean that it is impossible to send them SMS.

In fact, just configure your Mac, so you can send SMS as if you were using your iPhone.

  1. First and foremost, make sure to be connected to iCloud on your Mac AND  your iPhone, with the same username and password.
  2. On your Mac, go to System Preferences … → iCloud. Sign in.
  3. On your iPhone, go to Settings iCoud Sign in.
  4. On your Mac, open Messages.
  5.  On your iPhone, go to Settings Messages. Then, select SMS Transfer.
  6. You will see your Mac listed, and next to a slider to turn it on or off. Enable it, so you allow your Mac to send/receive SMS.
  7. Then, on your iPhone, enter the code displayed on your Mac.
    This step gives your iPhone permission to send/receive text messages on your Mac.

That’s it, your Mac is configured.

Now, every time you enter the number of a correspondent, it will be framed in green, and no longer in red.

Your recipient will receive your SMS as if you had sent it from your iPhone and at the price of an ordinary SMS.

Note that your conversations remain intact and visible, both on your Mac and your iPhone.

How to receive SMS on a Mac?

In order to receive SMS (sent from an Android) on your Mac, you must configure your two devices, as explained above.

On your Mac, sign in to your Apple account, via System Preferences, and set up  SMS Transfer on your iPhone ( Settings  → Messages ).