How to save your data on Android?

If you do not have an unlimited mobile plan, it is very easy to tap into your data and end up with an astronomical bill at the end of the month.

Before you subscribe to a  mobile package E, it is very important that you estimate your data usage.

You use your data when watching YouTube videos or chatting on Facebook, but not only … Some applications, like your mailbox, use your mobile data in the background to update and update.

You can change the game, thanks to Google Play and the various features of your Android. These manipulations will allow you to update your apps via Wi-Fi only and better control your consumption.

1-  Update your apps with Wi-Fi only

  • Visit the Google Play Store.
  • Tap the three horizontal lines at the top left.
  • Select Settings at the bottom of the menu.
  • In the General Settings section, tap Automatically update apps.
  • Finally, scroll down and select Automatically update apps via Wi-Fi only. 


2-  Completely deactivate your mobile data

  • From your Home screen, slide your finger up and down and select Settings.
  • Go to Using Data. Under Phones, disable Mobile Data Traffic.

Thus, the connection to the Internet will be only via Wi-Fi, and no longer via your 3G/4G connection.

3-  Set a threshold 

For even more control, you can set a limit for the period you want.

It is also possible to activate an alert to warn you when you approach your threshold.

  • Go back to Settings →  Data Usage.
  • Under Phones, go to Billing Cycle.
  • Enable and set a data alert and a data limit.


Make sure your monthly limit matches the renewal date of your mobile plan. Please do not assume that this renewal takes place every 1 ers of the month.

  • Go to Settings  → Use of data.
  • Under Phones, go to Billing Cycle.
  • Select the Billing Cycle, and change the reset date of the usage cycle.
  • Confirm by pressing Set.

4-  Limit the use of data in the background

If you wish, you can – for each of your applications – disable only the mobile data used in the background.

  • Go to Settings  → Applications → choose your application, in this example Gmail.
  • Tap Data Usage.
  • Finally, disable Background Data.


Now your apps update only via Wi-Fi.

Note that after this manipulation, applications like WhatsApp, Facebook or Gmail will no longer send notifications.

Alternatively, you can install apps specifically designed to save data. 
For example, the Twitter Lite application, the lite version of Twitter, should according to the brand uses 70% less mobile data than its predecessor and occupy only 3 MB of storage space. 
Plus, its data saver mode, would allow you to load only the images and videos you want to see.