How to rotate a video

Today, the progress of mobile technology is such that our smartphones and tablets not only serve us to communicate, but also to take pictures and videos, even in 4K.

However, technology is not everything, and everyone can not improvise as a photographer or filmmaker. Videos may be taken in reverse, which makes their reading unpleasant or impossible for some formats.

Through this tutorial, you will learn how to rotate a video filmed upside down.

Rotate a video with Windows Movie Maker

You received a video, but it was recorded in the wrong way? To rotate it, use the free software Windows Movie Maker, its use is straightforward.

If your PC is running Windows 7 or 8, then it is entirely possible to use Windows Movie Maker.

On the other hand, under Windows 10 this software no longer exists, unless it is downloaded elsewhere than on the Microsoft platform.

Nevertheless, some of its editing functions have been imported to the Photos application, and unfortunately, the rotation of the videos is not part of it.

In this case, you must use third-party video editing software, such as Shortcut. If you want to make more advanced video editing, then take a look at our selection of these best free software.

Rotate a video with Shortcut

If like us, your computer is running Windows 10 (or MacOS), then we recommend downloading Shortcut.

Once installed on your PC, launch it and click Open File at the top left.

Then select the video you want to edit.