How to restart a blocked Mac

You work on your Mac, and suddenly it does not seem to answer anymore, it remains as frozen? This tutorial is for you since we explain to you how to unlock your Mac and how to identify the origin of its malfunction.

Does your mac crash due to an application or macOS?

Before you begin, try to determine the cause of this sudden blockage.

Most often, it is an application. When this is the case, an alert message automatically appears on your screen, informing you that the application “has left unexpectedly”. Click Restart to restart it. You can also click Ok and reopen the app.

On the other hand, if no alert message is displayed, the macOS operating system has crashed.

Stop sending reports to Apple

By default, as soon as an application malfunction, macOS sends problem reports to Apple. The American firm uses this data to improve its operating system and make it more stable.

If you do not want to warn Apple, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Apple and then on System Preferences. 

  • Select Privacy & Security, click the tab Privacy, then on analysis. 

  • To make your changes, click on the padlock (bottom left) and enter your password.
  • Now uncheck the boxes for Share Mac Analysis and Share with App Developers.
  • Finally, click on the padlock to confirm your changes.

Now, only the Restart and Report options will be displayed each time an application stops working.

Force leaving an application

When an application stops responding, the cursor changes to a rainbow wheel that keeps spinning. To get out of this situation, you must force the app to close and then reopen it.

To do this, apply one of these  three techniques:

  1. Click on another place of your macOS (the desktop, another window …).
  2. Press the Cmd and Tab keys (to the left of the A), and this will allow you to switch to another application.
  3. From the Dock, click the application icon while holding down the Cmd key, and click Force Quit. 

In case your Dock is blocked, press the Cmd → alt → esc keys at the same time and select the application to close.

What if the macOS operating system is blocked?

Your Mac stops responding, or you can not leave an application?

Open the Apple menu and click Force Quit. Then select the app and click Restart.

If you can not interact with macOS, use the shortcut Cmd → Ctrl → Eject (above the Delete key), this will allow you to restart your system.

If the above techniques have not had the desired effect, then we recommend that you hold down the button Walk until your Mac is off.

When you restart your PC, the files you were working on may be corrupted. Try to recover what you can and transfer everything to a new folder, then delete the damaged files.