How to reset a password on Windows 7

It is sometimes difficult to remember the password of your computer … We also sometimes forget our registered indices or answers to secret questions that help us recover our credentials.

This is a situation that can quickly become problematic, especially if your PC is a useful tool that you use a lot of every day.

In this tutorial, we give you three tips to regain access to your PC without a password and without having to reset it completely.

Note that it only applies to Windows 7 because it requires the use of a local administrator account unlike Windows 10, which usually works with a Microsoft account.

If you have Windows 10 and want to remove the password at startup, then check out this tutorial, and to edit it follow this one.

Also, before going any further, always check if the Shift Lock key on your keyboard is not activated. This may be why your password is incorrect.

As a reminder, it is strictly forbidden to use these tips to hack accounts that do not belong to you.

Use a hidden administrator account

To use an unknown administrator account, it is essential that it has been activated and configured beforehand.

To start your PC in diagnostic mode, reboot your system and press the F8 key repeatedly. The Advanced Boot Options window appears, select Safe Mode with the arrows on your keyboard.

In User Name, enter Administrator (A in upper case) and leave the password field blank.

Now that you are in Safe Mode go to Control Panel → User Accounts. Select the account you want to reset and change its password.