How to prevent Google from storing your voice recordings

Home helpers such as Alexa and the Google Assistant have become ubiquitous, and as this happens, more and more users are discovering that these products collect a quantity of their data at their fingertips.

Indeed, in its help page, Google writes that you can authorize Google to record your voice and other audio in your Google account by activating the history of voice and audio activities. 

When you use audio activations such as the following, Google records your voice and other audio content, as well as a few seconds before: 

  •  Saying commands like “Ok Google.” 
  •  Press the microphone icon

Your audio content will only be saved in your Google Account if you are signed in, and your voice and audio activity history are enabled. Audio content can be protected even when your device is offline. 

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So, if all this makes you feel uncomfortable, you can delete the records already made by Alexa and Google Assistant, but of both, only the Google Assistant allows you to pause the process so your voice will not be recorded in the first place. 

Here’s how to do it on the computer. 

Note: These steps assume that you are using a web browser. If you want to do it on a mobile device, you still need to do it through the mobile browser, so the process is almost identical. 

  1. Go to the Google My Activity page.
  2. Click on the link “Activity Orders” in the left column. 
  3. Scroll to the “Voice and Audio Activity” section
  4. You will see a blue rocker that will in all probability be set to on. Disable it.

  5. You will get a pop-up message warning you of the disastrous consequences of the recording break, such as “not being recognized by your faithful companion assistant. Still, want to stop recording? “Disable it. 
  6. If you change your mind, go back to the same place and put it back.

How to enable and disable mobile voice and audio activity history?


  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the “Settings” -> “Google” -> “Google Account” app . 
  2. At the top, tap “Data & Personalization.” 
  3. Under “Activity Commands,  tap “Voice and Audio Activities. 
  4. Enable or disable the setting.

When voice and audio activity history is turned off, voice entries are not saved to your Google Account even if you’re signed in.