How to park in a parking lot?

Parking in a parking lot is not always easy, especially for a beginner. Sometimes there is only one place left and it is very small. In a park, you can find, relative to the access road, perpendicular places (the most frequent case), parallel (along a sidewalk) or even at an angle. When you pass your driver’s license, you must be able to park in all these situations. In this article, we explain how to park well even if it is not always easy.

Find a parking space not framed by other cars
When you train, it is better to avoid having too many obstacles to manage.

  • To train, choose a parking lot that is not very busy.
  • Inevitably, when we learn, we make mistakes! Do not be discouraged!
  • If there is no one in the car park, you are not likely to commit an accident while training.
  • This does not only apply to learner drivers! Those who have not driven for a long time, before embarking on heavy traffic, must find the right gestures both for driving and for parking.

Position your car well at the start

Your car will have to enter the place, at a good distance from other vehicles and from your place to be able to steer properly.

  • You must leave 1.5 to 2 m between your vehicle and the other parked cars.
  • If there are no cars on the sides of your place, you still have to stand on the same distance.
  • Thus positioned, you can steer without problem to get into your place.

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Let others know that you have found a place and that you plan to occupy it

Other drivers will know what you are going to do.

  • Walk slowly until you see the center of the free space.
  • Look who is around you! Do not take the place of someone who has been there longer than you!
  • Pay attention to a possible motorist who leaves his place during the maneuver.

Quickly steer the steering wheel

This maneuver must be done as soon as you see the center of the free space.

  • Keep this distance of 1.5 – 2 m until you have steered.
  • Then turn your steering wheel half a turn.
  • Check that there are no shopping carts, boxes in short, objects that obstruct the place.
  • Walk slowly through the place. Stop when you are completely in the place.
  • The car must be in the space delimited by the drawn lines, on pain of being fined.