How to lower your ping

If you’re having slow problems when playing online, then your ping may be too high. Ping (Packet Internet Groper) measures the speed of your internet connection and the response time between a computer and an internet network.

In this tutorial, we explain how to measure the ping and how to lower it to improve the fluidity of the gameplay.

What is ping?

Many users think that a fast, responsive Internet connection relies only on good download and upload speeds, but that’s not all that.

Indeed, we must also take into account the ping is the response time between a PC and a server; it is expressed in milliseconds.

Many online games tell you your ping but also that of other players or servers. If yours is around 150 ms (or more), then you almost certainly have trouble playing online. You want as short a time as possible.

How to measure ping?

You can test the speed of your Internet connection with the popular free Speedtest .netprogram.

Any ping less than 20 ms is considered optimal, and if it exceeds 150 ms, then it causes a significant response time.

It does not matter if your PC gamer is fast since a high ping will still slow down the execution of commands, which is a real disadvantage for online games.

How to lower the ping?

Know that there are several techniques to lower and improve your ping. The first and easiest way is to close all running programs and windows on your computer.

Make sure there are no active downloads in the background; these could affect the ping.

Also, another person in your house may be running a bandwidth-intensive program at the same time. Indeed, the more connected devices that actively use the bandwidth, the higher your ping.