How to listen to your SMS by car or public transport?

You are driving or on public transport and you can not take out your smartphone to read the last SMS received? Keep your hands free to check your texts, have them read aloud.

Not always easy to read his SMS. By car or public transport, you can not always catch your phone. How to do this in this case? Fortunately, there are applications to read your text messages out loud. This is the case of the SMS reader.

With this program, no more risk of contravention. No more need to contort yourself to catch your phone, remained in your pants pocket or in your bag.

read his sms by car

Listen to your SMS without danger

The SMS reader application can read your SMS automatically. When you have installed it, go to Settings.

You can set the playback language in the Speaker language menu. Select French for French.

Bonuses to consult your SMS quickly

Below, other available options are worth a look. Here are three that you will probably want to use.

  • Auto read incoming SMS: this option enabled by default will automatically read incoming SMS.
  • Unknown number SMS: This second option allows you to read SMS messages received from unknown numbers.
  • Speak Author Name: This third option chooses to state or not the name of the sender of the text message. Very convenient to anonymize your contacts if you listen to your SMS in public.

Once you have set the parameters, press Start -via the main screen of the application- to activate it. SMS reader runs in the background and will automatically read the received messages. No more unnecessary risk-taking by car, you will automatically know who is trying to reach you and why.

Note: Some phones do not allow applications to playback content or playback content. In this case, the application may not work.