How to increase the autonomy of your AirPods

With Bluetooth headphones, say goodbye to cables that get tangled and move without restraint. However, unlike conventional headphones, you will need to recharge them.

The AirPods have a battery life of about 5 hours, and it is 24 hours for the charging box. But, once their battery is flat, you will have to resume the old habits, charging them to a mains socket.

In this article, we give you seven tips to help you maximize the battery life of your AirPods and avoid the crash.

What is the battery life of AirPods?

According to Apple, with a single charge, the AirPods take about five hours to listen to music and nearly two hours for conversations. The charging box has 24-hour battery life.

If your AirPods have a duration much lower than that announced by Apple, then it is possible that your headphones are defective. Thus, we advise you to contact Apple Support for any repairs.

How to extend the autonomy of AirPods?

So you can use your AirPods longer, follow these seven tips.

Keep your AirPods in their case

When you do not use your Apple headphones, it is essential to put them back in their case. Two birds with one stone, this allows you to recharge them but also to protect them in the event of falls or to avoid any loss.

Although the performance of your battery does not improve, you will enjoy more listening time.

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Do not play with the case

According to Apple, repeated opening and closing of the case can slow down the charge and reduce the battery life of your AirPods.