How to improve an internet connection?

Connected accessories (bulbs, security cameras, thermostats) are becoming more and more present in homes. These simultaneous connections are convenient but they have the effect of slowing down your bandwidth.

The good news is that with our advice you can improve it without having to buy a new router.

1. Move the router

You do not want to place your router next to your trendy TV, so you hide it under the couch, or put it in a corner?

If you want to have a good Wi-Fi connection, be aware that you have to let your router breathe.

The best place where you should place it is in the room in the centre of your house or apartment.

If this is not allowed, then you can use an extension cord and move your router.

2. Move the router away from interference

If your Wi-Fi connection is unstable then we advise you to keep your router away from all sources (alarms, microwaves, cordless phones, baby monitors, Bluetooth devices).

3. Change the frequency

Most Wi-Fi devices work with the 802.11n standard and use two frequencies, 2.4GHz (more range but slow) and 5GHz (less reach and faster).

The 2.4GHz band is the most commonly used, your gadgets and even those of your neighbour borrow it.

If your phone or laptop is able to connect to the 5GHz frequency then forget the 2.4GHz.

Also, the closer you stand near your router, the faster and more reliable you get.

4. Change the antenna of the router

Some routers have antennas that can be unscrewed. If this is your case, you may consider replacing it with a larger one. You will then have a stronger and brighter Wi-Fi signal.

The least expensive solution would be to make a reflector from an aluminium film and place it at the back of the router. This trick makes it possible to send the signal in the opposite direction.

5. Restart the router

We recommend that you restart your router to restore your Wi-Fi connection on your devices.

In addition, it would be good to protect your connection by creating your own password, this way no foreigner can use it without your approval.

6. Change the router

If you have an old router then it may be time to replace it. You can opt for a model that uses the 802.11ac standard and, if possible, features MU-MIMO, Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output technology for greater efficiency.

However, it is only compatible with smartphones, laptops and high-end tablets.

If your connection is only weak in a specific room in your home, then we suggest you invest in a CPL socket with built-in Wi-Fi.

The most expensive but also by far the most effective solution is to get a Mesh Network WiFi system. These are wifi terminals that will communicate with each other over Wi-Fi and extend the range of your signal in every corner of your home.