How to find peace?

Stress, conflict, need for recognition, fear of the eyes of others, consequences of our choices … we always have a reason to move away from serenity. Which is quite paradoxical, because basically, you know like everyone else, that well-being is a priority and that it comes first through our emotions.

If one decides to be appeased, one has the right to find peace. But the problem is the weight of immediacy. Here, here is the proof. Take for 3 minutes. A blank sheet and a pen. Write what’s bothering you. What disturbs you right now. And keep that in front of you.

Our way of seeing the world is a break to find peace

Do you still have your piece of paper in front of you? Perfect! As you may have noticed, the exercise was very simple. It is not hard to find what’s wrong. What troubles us Prevents us from being serene.

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Now, do the opposite. Write on this paper what you feel gratitude for. That’s why you’re happy. Inspiration is less natural? This is probably because of a tendency to always focus on what we are missing. And it’s time to change that.

How? Being aware of this negative reflex. Simply trying to move our focus. Try it today. Instead of seeing the least attractive aspect of everything, smile to life. To people. The situations you encounter.

To find peace, it must be understood that happiness is above all a choice, a state of mind.

Probe your being and become aware of every passing moment

The human being has this tremendous opportunity to reflect on him. On what happens to him, on his environment. It is often said that consciousness is what separates us from the animal.

So I invite you if you want to find peace, to indulge in this reflection on your feelings, your feelings, the meaning of your life and each of your choice. Meditation is a great way to reconnect with your needs, your desires. and your positivity.