How to enjoy life?

The question may seem simplistic. yet, it hides a real question about who we are and how to behave on a daily basis to be happy. Happiness, we often have the impression that it is a gift from heaven (that only some privileged receive) is the result of hard work.

This vision, it pushes us to never be satisfied with what we have. Because we can always have more. More wealth, more friends, more material possessions. in the end, we live in regret or projection, but rarely in the present moment. How to enjoy life? One word: reconnection!

Connect with your emotions and your reality

Nothing better than to question our feelings of the moment to feel the life that flows in us. Close your eyes. Concentrate on your breath. Visualize yourself in a garden. You’re alone). Everything is calm. It’s spring. It is mild. A light breeze blows on your face. The petals of flowers twirl before your eyes. The sun caresses your skin … What do you feel?

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To enjoy life, you have to reconnect with your emotions. So yes, this visualization exercise takes you to another reality. But it has the merit of pushing you to be interested in the truth of your body. Of your feelings. And that’s it, above all, enjoy life!

Live every day as if it were the last

Demagogic, ridiculous, silly. you can dress up this mantra of all the qualifiers you want. What is certain is that if you make it a rule, your life will change. You will become aware of the importance of each of the choices you make. You will no longer limit your opportunities to go out, meet new people or new experiences.

People are often asked what they would do if they had only one day left to live. And this is where they begin to question the means at their disposal to enjoy life.

Well, it’s your case. You have only one life to live. And you do not know how long you benefit … So why wait? Why not do what you dream of, what you’ve always wanted, today?

It’s really this state of mind that you should cultivate if you want to find your happiness and succeed in your life.