How to defrost your windshield?

When winter arrives, with its procession of snow, ice, and frost, it is important when you take the wheel to drive in the best possible conditions. So, before you even start the engine, you need to have a windshield, a rear window, and side windows that are fully clear to see clearly. Learn how to easily defrost the windows of a vehicle and prevent the formation of frost.

Start your car and start the electric defrost
Depending on the thickness of the frost and the ambient temperature, allow a few minutes to a quarter of an hour.

  • In no case try to defrost your windshield using water, whether cold or hot. This can cause thermal shock which will cause the windshield to burst. If it is very cold, the water can even freeze instantly or almost, which will make your task even more difficult.
  • Check that the exhaust pipe is not blocked by ice or snow. With an engine running, you could risk fatal carbon monoxide poisoning!
  • If you have to drive in a very cold region or in snowy weather, wait until the frost on your windows is completely melted, at least a quarter of an hour.

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Spray with salt water

Salt has the particularity of melting snow or ice. A chemical reaction takes place that permanently melts the frost.

  • Cooking salt can be used, but it is better, if you can recover it, to take this salt which is spread on the roads to melt snow or ice. This special salt has a chemical composition which makes it particularly effective.

Apply an alcohol-based solution to defrost

In a spray bottle, prepare a mixture at the rate of one volume of alcohol (isopropyl or 90 °) for two volumes of water. Spray all the glass surfaces of your vehicle that need it.

  • You can also put a few drops of dish soap in this solution. The principle is the same as for salt: introducing a product (alcohol, washing-up liquid) into the water lowers the icing point. So, even if the frost sets, it is thinner and therefore easier to remove. The use of hot water is more questionable. While the frost melts, it will reform quickly if the temperatures are low.
  • Unlike salt solution, which is corrosive, you can widely spray surfaces with the alcohol solution.

Turn to another method

If these solutions do not produce any tangible results, you can always use products sold commercially. Overall, they are effective, but a little expensive.