How to control your emotional eating problem?

If you are the one whose appetite is affected by their mood, once you become depressed, your appetite becomes blocked, or on the contrary, you may open up and start eating unconsciously 

Here in this article, we will help you diagnose your condition and avoid the disasters of emotional eating!

Lust for food may be one of our weaknesses, and it may be an abhorrent correlation with our moods, so we consciously or unconsciously lead to psychological emptying through food, as if food or fridge, so to speak, is our friend at the time of trouble! Here comes the term emotional eating as an expression of this situation!

What is the definition of Emotional Eating?

It is resorting to eating when you are exposed to an emotional or psychological crisis, so you resort to food as a breather, and to feel that your mood is better as if you fill your emotional void when filling your stomach! So this eating is not aimed at ending hunger, but rather in order to suppress or calm negative emotions.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you eat more than usual if you suffer from stress, tension and psychological pressure?
Do you eat even when you’re hungry?
Does eating make you feel better and help you calm down?
Do you eat when you feel sad, stress, boredom, emptiness or depression?
Are you the ones who reward themselves with food?
Are you the ones who do not control themselves in front of food?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you may be diagnosed with the problem of emotional eating.

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The use of food as a form of reward or celebration and in occasions from time to time is normal, but when eating food turns into a subject related to psychology and mood, i.e. with all anger, sadness, resentment, feeling boredom or loneliness, you go to the refrigerator regardless Consider whether you are hungry or not, here you are experiencing a state of emotional eating.

Of course, food will not be the solution to your problem and your feelings, even if it makes you feel comfortable temporarily, as feelings are still present and you will not go away by eating, and your conscience may overwhelm you to eat you in excess, so your negative feelings will worsen, especially if you suffer from being overweight. Emotional eating, of course, will lead to more calories, sweets and fatty foods.

What is the solution, and can the desire to eat be regained?

 We will put in your hands the most important advice of specialists that will help you to return to sound eating habits, and control the reins:

Try to control and eliminate stress and stress:

By changing your lifestyle, and using the right types of discharge will control the pressures of life and fill the void in your life, you must adopt a new habit or hobby, practice yoga, meditation and relaxation, practice a kind of physical activity you love, all of these methods will really help you to control your feelings and direct them in a proper way.

Try to record whatever food you eat:

Write down everything that you eat on a daily basis, to make sure of the amount that you eat if it is within the required or permitted, and does not exceed the necessary calories for you daily, and of course, you can consult a nutritionist to help you determine everything that is appropriate for you and according to your physical measurements And your daily activities.

Do not follow a harsh regime and deny yourself:

Some people may resort to depriving oneself and punishing it by following a harsh diet, as a solution to the problem of their overweight and unjustified eating, here we warn you! This is not the solution, of course, since it is known that following the harsh system and the fasting process will have negative consequences that may accrue to your health.

Resist temptations: 

Try not to have foods that you love, or that may be related to the concept of changing moods near you.For example, some people realize that chocolate or sweets may be their weak point, and their eating is related to their mood, so we advise them to try not to find them at home and on hand, and they can be replaced with a healthy snack of high-fiber vegetables, useful ingredients and the lowest caloric content.