How to connect to Facebook Messenger without installing it?

You do not want to install all Facebook applications or you lose your smartphone? Be aware that it is possible to chat with your friends without using Facebook Messenger. Only the standard version of your social network.

It’s been a few years since Facebook separated Messenger, its instant messaging service, from the rest of its social network. Now available in a different application, it has become quite complex to use chat from the browser of his phone. Yet it is still possible, with a little courage, for those who do not wish or can not install the Messenger application.

Image 1: How to connect to Facebook Messenger without installing it?

Facebook is enough for you to communicate

Connecting to your Facebook account from your smartphone’s web browser is a tedious experience as you will have to navigate between the different banners and other full-screen ads for the brand’s apps. Once on your account’s homepage, you’ll see on the top blue banner the icon associated with Messenger, a lightning bubble.

 Click on it to be redirected to the service page. This will first be covered by an ad inviting you to install the Messenger application. Ignore it by clicking on the cross at the top right.

You should now find yourself in front of the list of your Messenger conversations. Clicking on one of them will redirect you to the said conversation. Not without showing you again an invitation to use the application that you will still have to ignore by clicking on the cross.

Facebook pushing its mobile applications to the maximum, browser browsing is unfortunately made much more difficult by the social network. Note, however, that if you specifically want to avoid Facebook applications, alternatives like Friendly exist. Free on Android and iOS, it allows you to connect to your Facebook account and access its services, including Messenger.