How to connect AirPods to a Mac

Since the launch of the AirPods in December 2016, these high-end wireless headphones have been hugely successful. This is not surprising given their sound quality, comfortable fit, battery life, and Siri voice control.

Besides, after abandoning the headphone jack, the AirPods have become the essential accessory for an enjoyable listening experience from an iPhone.

However, despite all these strengths, there is a small shadow on the board. Indeed, if the pairing AirPods with an iPhone is done quickly and easily, it is not the same when it comes to a Mac (iMac, MacBook Pro, Air).

It is quite possible to connect your AirPods to your MacBook only you can know some complications.

In this article, discover four tips to help pair your AirPods with your MacBook.

Connect AirPods to a Mac

As with most Apple products, the installation and connection process between AirPods and a MacBook is not complicated. However, it is not as apparent as with an iPhone or an iPad.

The first step before connecting is to make sure your AirPods have already been configured to the iPhone. If the answer is yes, and your MacBook is connected to the same Apple ID, then your headphones are likely to be ready for use and paired with your Mac.

To check, place the AirPods in your ears and select the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar of your MacBook. If the AirPods appear in the device list, then click on them to connect them.

On the other hand, even AirPods that have been paired to an iPhone in the past may not appear in the list of Bluetooth devices. So, what to do in this case?

You must click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar and make sure it is enabled.