Elder Care Solutions

Critical Information for Caregivers and Anyone Who Needs a Caregiver

There is a coming tsunami that few are even aware of – never the less it’s already on the way!

What you’ll learn

  • Get a better understanding of the realities of caring for and being cared for.
  • Know how to prepare for and handle the responsibilities you will face.
  • Learn how to take care of yourself, including your physical, and mental health.
  • Prepare for the future for yourself too.

Course Content

  • An Introduction to Caregiving.
  • Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family Too.
  • Legal Considerations and Related Issues.
  • Daily Activities of Living, General Care and Support.
  • Common Problems and Challenges.
  • Equipment and Supplies That Can Help.
  • Agencies, Organizations and Resources to Consider.
  • Support Groups and Ways You Too Can Help Others.
  • Bonus Lectures And Resources.

Elder Care Solutions


  • An open mind and something to take notes with..

There is a coming tsunami that few are even aware of – never the less it’s already on the way!

As people age they eventually reach a point where they need help. Some more than others, and many will eventually become entirely dependent on a caregiver for daily survival.

Often when the need for care arises it catches both the person in need of care and the those who will become responsible for providing that care off guard and unprepared.

Most often it is going to be a family member who winds up caring for another family member. It may be a son or daughter taking care of a parent – or a husband or wife taking care of a spouse.  These are typical scenarios that are occuring every day. There are other relationships as well, and in other cases no relationship at all – other than a financial one.

When there is no family member who is willing or able to provide the necessary care then the services of a paid caregiver may be obtained – for a price that is, and hold onto your checkbook because it isn’t going to be cheap either! Full time care can cost thousands of dollars per month, and even more.

The harsh reality is that far more people need care than can afford it.


The Sooner You and Your Loved Ones Prepare the Better!

Sadly far to many people don’t begin to prepare at all until it becomes an immediate crisis. A heart attack, stroke, fall or other event occurs and the need for care has arrived – ready or not.

It is almost certain that you will either become a caregiver or need a caregiver in the coming years – and most likely both.

While it may be unsettling to consider such possibilities – it will be far better if you do it NOW and are informed and prepared as soon as possible.

The alternative is being forced to react immediately to a crisis that often comes with little to no warning until it is upon you. That will make a difficult situation almost unbearable – but not if you do something about it before the need arises. If it already has – then the next best thing is to get the information you need right now and to start making intentional and informed decisions immediately.

This course is a good step in the right direction to help you do that.



Who this course is for:
  • Anyone with an elderly family member or other loved one in need of care
  • Caregivers and their families
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